Growing new and upcoming country music & folk artists across 3 continents.
through social media, web presence, promotion, branding & photography.
Cross-platform brand consistency and advertising to grow your fan base.
Fully bespoke & cutting edge website design & development.
An artist's brand is more than a logo - it's a recognisable asset.
Channeling promotion online and through media networks.
Portrait, press, product and live photography.

You may have already #beenFlexd by the camera…

but are you ready to #getFlexd on a new level?

Flex, a.k.a. Anthony D’Angio has been photographing and promoting country music artists in the UK and the USA for the past three years, having built strong relationships with management, international media and festival organisers. First and foremost, Flex is passionate about the growth of country music. This passion has seen a significant gain in his exposure and respect within the global country music scene.

Marrying his love for photography with his entrenched desire to grow the exposure of the country music genre has helped Flex successfully promote upcoming artists in the UK, the USA and Australia simply through his passion alone. The time has come now to turn that passion into a more structured approach by honing his skills across the board and creating a system where new artists can rely on Flex to bring them into the fore.

Flex’s skillset includes 20 years’ experience in brand development and website design & development, having worked daily with a major record label for the past eight years in designing and developing online artist campaigns, web presences and social applications, which has him in good stead to propel a new or upcoming artist into a strong online presence.

It’s an exciting time now for country music worldwide. Nashville is fast becoming the “chosen city” for artists of all genres to write, produce and perform and this gives country music styles a bigger influence across the world, reaching new and younger audiences in markets that were once untappable. How does this translate into what Flex can do for you. The relationships Flex has built over the time on the scene, along with his all-rounded professional skills in photography, promotion and brand/social media/website development makes him well placed to truly take an upcoming talented artist to where they need to visually be placed in the market. Get in touch with Flex now for more information.

  • "Flex is unquestionably one of the finest live music photographers operating anywhere in the world at the moment. His pictures from the CMA Awards in Nashville and the Country to Country Festival in London speak for themselves. Very atmospheric and very classy."

  • "I love looking down from the stage and seeing Flex. His passion and enthusiasm is unmatched and he always walks away with killer shots!"

    DAN HOCHHALTERFiddle / Banjo / Guitar - Dierks Bentley
  • "His shots speak for themselves but in my experience of working with Flex at live events, he has also always been the perfect professional. Being able to work smoothly alongside other professional photographers is a fine art and Flex seems to do this with ease."

    DAVID COXSummit PR
  • "Upon first meeting Flex, he instantly made a lasting impression and I hadn't even seen the shots he'd just taken. His passion and creativity is infectious and makes you feel confident to be yourself in front of the camera. Paired with this, his knowledge of what lens to use at the right moment to capture the perfect shots time and time again, always leaves a massive smile on my face. He is great at taking on board what you want to achieve from the shots you need but also gives great guidance behind the camera. I highly recommend Flex to anyone who needs amazing photography."

  • "Flex is on a whole different level when it comes to photography. his passion is captured in every photograph he takes. Flex's pictures put you in the front row of the biggest concerts in the world!"

    RANDY CREWS105.1 Bob FM, Springfield, MO

Our services include full artist development from branding, social media engagement, website design & development and artist promotion to what we call PPPL Photography (Portraiture, press, product and live).


Flex Entertainment are a one-stop service agency specifically focusing on the promotional needs of growing artists. Through visual media such as photography, online and branding, we can take on the responsibility and management of boosting an artist’s exposure through various channels, allowing the artist to focus on what they do best – writing and performing.

Below is a list of a selection of services we can offer. This list is by no means exhaustive – we can work as closely with an artist as is needed on a one-to-one basis to ensure the offering is right for them.


PPPL stands for portrait, press, product and live photography.

Those of you who know Flex’s work will know that over the years he has specialised in shooting behind the scenes and live shows from intimate venues to arenas and stadiums worldwide and developed his internationally renowned brand. #getFlexd.




In addition, Flex works directly with artists to take the vision of a CD or EP cover and turn it into finished artwork. This includes location scouting, shooting, full artwork design and supply to the printers’ specifications. We call this Artist Product photography. Portrait and press work is available as well, to accompany online campaigns or to use in various media.

Get in touch with Flex to find out more about PPPL Photography.


Flex has over 20 years’ experience in designing and building websites for a wide range of industries.

For the past 8 years however, he has worked closely with a major record label, specialising in building artist websites using a platform that makes the sites completely customisable and maintainable by the artist without the need for programming knowledge.

That means new content (news, photos, tour dates, albums, videos etc.) can be added by the artist as and when they wish, keeping the fans up to date with what’s going on. Flex will take the artist’s vision, along with their brand and turn this into a cutting edge professional website which will become an online hub for fans to complement the artist’s social media sites.

Get in touch with Flex to find out more about website design & development.


Like it or not, social media impacts our daily lives and we now live in a world where consumers rely on it for advice, reviews, media and more.

From an artist’s perspective, social media networks are a strong platform for sharing content and growing their fan base. It works very well alongside a website because as an artist, the platforms offer so much to measure the impact of your work. What is very important is that social media networks retain a visual consistency with the artist’s brand and throughout the life of a campaign.

Flex can work closely with an artist to visualise different campaigns through social media networks by creating clever complementary artwork that can be rolled out across the different networks (predominantly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – which allow for a good level of customisation).  In addition, to further grow the fan base, we can work on ongoing or ad hoc advertising on these platforms, either for events, album releases or announcements, to ensure your promotions reach your fan base.

Get in touch with Flex to find out more about social media branding & advertising.


A brand is more than a logo – it’s a visual identity. An artist’s brand is born from their music and grown via various media through visual representation.

Flex has several years’ experience in designing and developing brands through various industries. Branding for the music industry is a lot more varied as it is usually product dependent – a new album is released, the brand is revised to suit the release and rolled out to create a consistent look, making the product easily recognisable. This makes artist branding an ongoing work.

If you look at very successful artists, you’ll see that their visual identity changes over time, keeping it in sync with what is current (or creating the trend themselves). Flex can work with an artist in designing their brand and work closely on an ongoing basis or as a one-off, depending on the needs of the artist.

Get in touch with Flex to find out more about brand design and development.


Flex can promote new and upcoming artists in many ways. Proven fact.

There are many ways to promote an artist that is starting from scratch who needs exposure. Flex is able to do this primarily though the visual media outlined here, but in addition to this, through word-of-mouth and industry relationships, he can further promote an artist by working with these contacts to help provide radio play, event exposure, fan growth and more.

Flex’s involvement in the global country music scene through his photography has not ended at the click of the shutter. He has combined his passion for photography with the desire to grow the exposure of the genre by going one step further and fully immersing himself with the talent he photographs – with results. Through Flex’s established brand, fans have been given another avenue to discover new music, and now through Flex Entertainment, he can work directly with an artist to understand their needs and establish a structured plan of action to ensure the artist is being promoted through the right channels – within the industry and online.

Get in touch with Flex to find out more about his artist promotion services.


Flex is ‘flex’-ible and understands that artists have different needs at different times.

With that in mind, he can work on an ad-hoc basis for various services. If an artist needs some social media branding or a live show shoot, a new website, some advertising or full campaign for a CD release, Flex can help as and when the need arises. Alternatively, if an artist is starting from a blank canvas, needs a rebrand or an overhaul to more professional visuals, Flex has put together some packages that can cover all of this.

He also understands that upcoming or new artists that are unsigned may have allocated a lot of expense toward their product – their music, so bearing this in mind, payment plans are available to make initial outlays easier to work with. Everything is always ‘flex’-ible!

Have a look at the various options available.

Flex’s little shout outs!

We’ve put together some standard all-inclusive packages for an artist:

  • Silver
    • Web design & development
    • Social media page (Twitter / Facebook / YouTube)
    • Branding
    • Photography (1 live show)
  • Platinum
    • Website design & development
    • Social media page (Twitter / Facebook / YouTube)
    • Branding
    • Photography (3 live shows)
    • Photography (1 CD/EP cover + finished art)

Additionally, we can custom bespoke each service tailored to what you specifically need as an artist at any given point in time, such as:







Enquire now for individual pricing

* Payment plans may be available on a case by case basis. Please get in touch for more information.

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